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An article was recently posted on ABC NEws; written by Pete Yost, a journalist from The Associated Press. Entitled " Judges Dismiss Complaint on Allegad Bias Remarks", the author talks about a recent misconduct complaint by several individuals, regarding a judge's remark during a speech that was said to be 'racially discriminatory', which was afterwards dismissed by a group of federal judges whom were looking over the case.

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The article “'Human Zoo' Exhibition Featuring Black Actors In Cages Shuts Down After Protests”  by Pricilla Frank on: 09/24/2014, Speaks of nothing more than the title explains, a human zoo (That being an exhibit of humans usually displaying cultural differences between Europeans of Western civilization, and non-European people around the 19th and 20th centuries). The recent display of the human zoo that was named “Exhibit B” was demonstrating Africans Americans using a human zoo as a representation of them throughout the centuries.

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In a recent article, entitled "Sweden Plans to Thwart Racism by Eliminating the Mention of Race From Its Laws", In the Europe section of Vice News, Kayla Ruble, the author, discusses recent political changes within European Law regarding the concept of "race". Erik Ullenhag, Sweden's Intergration Minister, announced to the public the government's plans to abolish the word "race" from the nation's legislation, as a means of taking steps against racism in Europe.

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Loving Our Lady Bits Girls have been struggling more and more for the past few years with society’s pressure to fit in the ’perfect girl’ mold. Whether it’s the way you look, dress, walk, talk or behave, everything you do must answer your genders ‘requirements’. For girls, it’s become a much greater battle…

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