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David Suzuki is one of the most popular environmentalists in Canada. His mission is to protect nature’s diversity and to improve people’s quality of living. Some of David Suzuki and his organizations gaols include ensuring Canada is doing what it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of natural resources being put toward consumerism, and encouraging youth to grow more aware of the co-dependency between us humans and nature. According to the Huffington Post Suzuki is a scientist, author, broadcaster and the co-founder of the David Suzuki foundation.

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     It is commonly understood that our planet is running into issues in sustaining our natural resources. Whether it be the effects of global warming or that of developing consumerism, our planets natural biomes have taken a large toll. According to an article posted by the National Wildlife Federation, due to inconsistent fluctuation in climate, diminishing of flowers due to development and global warming, bumblebees have also come to face a big obstacle. Due to their diminishing habitat, many bumblebee species are endangered.

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With the turn of the centaury, technology has been rapidly growing. It has made life significantly easier and has even cured certain diseases. However, can everyday technology harm us? Is there are greater use for them than we can possibly fathom? According to an article titled “The Cool War” written by David Rothkopf and published by Foreign Policy on February 20, 2013, there is.

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Animal testing is one of the most debatable topics in many areas, including legislation, ethic, science and environmental study. Most of the time when people think about animal testing, they think of animal abuse, and will have the bias of animal testing is morally unacceptable.

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