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About me:

Hello everyone,

my name is Jennifer and I'm 23 years old. I'm studying Sociology and Business Administration at the University of Potsdam.

In my free time, I like to cook, to read, to spend time outdoors and to learn a lot of new things from the people around me. I'm interested in politics, not as much party politics but politics we come in touch with every day. I spend some of my free time with the topic of degrowth and all kinds of a sustainable and socially compatible life.

I'm looking forward working with you.

Take care!



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When we had our session with Ulrike Haupt who works for "Menschen für Menschen" in Ethiopia we discussed among other things the issue how women can be empowered in a patriarchal society. In her opinion, one tool to give autonomy to women is the lending of micro-credits. I want to give further information on the topic of micro-finance and discuss if it is a means to empower women.

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In modern times, the emancipation of women is progressed as far as never before. One part of this emancipation is the better opportunities for women in the workforce. When it comes to this institutional level, a lot of feminists have the opinion that women have to work in higher positions. But is this really what most women want? And further, is this what feminism should be about? I want to shed a light on the topic of anti-capitalist feminism.

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At the end of the departmental elections on 22nd and 29th March, half of departmental councils will be women.     It will be a great step for parity – but not for equality. Up to that point, departmental councils were dominated by men but they will become the place for the women's breakthrough in political assembly elected by majority vote : in each canton, the electors will not vote for one candidate (man or woman) but for a duo with a woman and a man. So there will be as many women as men in each departmental council.  

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Few weeks ago I watched an online reality series called Sweatshop. Three Norwegian fashion bloggers were sent to Cambodia in 2014 to try to work in a clothes factory and meet native workers, who sew our fast fashion. That project was realized by the Norway’s largest newspaper – Aftenposten. What seemed to be a different life style and a way to earn money, at the beginning, later became a nightmare for that young European. The participants were totally exhausted after couple of working hours. “What sort of life is this?” one of the Norwegian girl were asking.

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When it comes to terrorism, gender plays a significant role. Not only do women have a special part in terrorist organizations, but also the term terrorism bears a special notion when it comes to gender. Using the examples of the film "The Attack" and of well-known German terrorist groups, I want to show how gender and terrorism are intertwined.  "The Attack"

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    Probably, we all know something about the European Union or the United Nations. But have you already heard of the African Union (AU)? I suppose that this is not the case. However, on the continent of Africa this international intergovernmental organization is quite relevant for finding solutions to issues concerning security, peace and economic and political stability. To elaborate on the question, to which extend the AU provides African solutions to African problems, is the aim of this article.  

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Different types of welfare states tend to choose different institutional ways to organize systems taking care of childcare, healthcare and education. The way these institutions are formed can be analyzed from a gender perspective and tell us something about how different policies generate different consequences for men and women. In this text we are about to make a comparison between Sweden and Germany in order to discuss the question: How do different institutional solutions influence the way parents organize their parental leave?

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Although recently, the Yemenite legislative has set a minimum age for marriage, child marriage is still practiced in Yemen. Especially in rural areas with many poor people the conditions for girls are very precarious. I want to tell you more about child marriage in Yemen and introduce further literature about this topic.

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After watching the movie "The Circle", it becomes more obvious than ever that in Iran, women are treated differently than they are in our society. This makes the viewer think about this specific culture more intensely and compare it to the society we live in. Sabine Levet talked about this comparative approach in oder to understand a culture. This leads me to the question: How can the film "The Circle" and the main issues of Sabine Levet's presentation be brought together?

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Hello everyone,

my name is Jennifer and I'm 23 years old. I'm studying Sociology and Business Administration at the University of Potsdam.

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