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In recent years, “trends” have risen where depressed teens turn to their social media platforms either as an outlet for a cry for help or a way to broadcast their final words to friends, families and followers. The sickening thing is, this has grown to be so common that most of us, while browsing the web, will cross a story of a teenage suicide broadcasted online, and fail to even blink an eye. Now, two very prevalent topics of today's generation have found common ground. 

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Last night, there was a shooting in Garland Texas, outside a community center. The community center was hosting an art exhibit, showcasing peoples version of the prophet Muhammed. This event was a competition of who could draw the best cartoon version of the prophet. The people in charge of this event are a known anti-Islam group and refer to themselves as the “American Freedom Defense Initiative”. Two gunman showed up, and were killed at the scene after shooting at two security guards outside of the event.   

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Last Sunday, Ethiopian-Israeli soldier Damas Pakada was assaulted by policemen in Tel Aviv. The incident was caught on video and subsequently made available to the public; since it was released, the tape has sparked outrage within the Ethiopian Israeli community and beyond. Many believe that the beating was the result of lingering racism towards Ethiopians among Israeli police.  

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The Kardashian name is seen on every platform of media to be imagined. They’ve conquered the Instagram and Twitter world with their infamous “selfies”, and shocking, half naked pictures of one another. They’re number one method: the shock value. Even from the beginning one could have foreshadowed this family of ridiculousness. It all started with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape after all.  But now Kim seems to be the “normal” one.  

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Over a year has gone by since the mass schoolgirl abduction in Nigeria. Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from a boarding school in the northeastern town of Chibok on April 14th 2014. Today, 219 remain in captivity after 57 escaped as they were being hauled away by their kidnappers. This mass abduction drew global shock, outrage and sorrow as the media began broadcasting family members of the girls, community members, and Nigerian citizens who gathered to chant their pleading message: “Bring back our girls.” In exchange for the girls, Boko Haram demanded a swap for their detained fighters.

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