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    Daniel Brennan wrote the article “Why Your Good Study Habits Are Wrong” on December 22, 2013, in order to give tips about studying. According to her, a lot of parents have strong opinions about how their child study and want them to finish their homework as soon as they get back home.

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Many western countries are facing the problem of an increasing divorce rate.  This is unfortunate but it brings about other problems as well.  One of these problems is the effect of joint custody on children.  This means that children are being raised by both parents separately in short periods of time throughout their adolescent years.  A study was done to measure the psychological wellbeing of adolescents through the Leuvens Adolescents and Families Project (LAGO) where 1800 children under joint custody were interviewed each year.  There were many results to this depending on how the cust

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The Social Factors of Hooking Up Article Summary

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In the Academic Journal Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Shan Jin, Nazeem Muharjarine, Jennifer Cushon and Hyun J. Lim wrote an article on March 1, 2013 named “Factors Associated with Childhood Depression in Saskatoon Students: A Multilevel Analysis”. They chose to investigate the whys behind childhood depression because most adults nowadays affected by depression have most likely suffered from mild to high level depression as children.

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Do kids enjoy playing a sport and more successful when their parents are controlling and get too involved or when parents are supportive and provide positive feedback?

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February 17th 2014 Ending the Death Penalty by Dale. S  Recinella Is the death penalty necessary? After 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated, innocent people were wrongly convicted (Recinella, 2008, p.12). According to many churches, if there is no other way to protect innocent law-abiding citizens the death penalty shall be used (Recinella, 2008, p. 13). I believe that the death penalty is ineffective.  

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    In an article from Sports Illustrated by Tom Verducci he explains the harm that steroids have had on the world of sports. There are many things that he states and shows that can lead you to believe how they have negatively effected society. Mainly in baseball PED's or Performance Enhancing Drugs have changed the way the game is played just for them to become one of the elite players. Verducci also focuses on what goes through the mind of a player using the drugs and what provoked them to begin using them.

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