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Kids Phone Help (Jeunesse J'écoute) is a non-profit organization aiding children through the rough patches of life. This organization is astounding in its ability to get these children through and past these situations. One change many be needed to tweak their theory of change to not only focusing on the individual child, but also changing the communities and environment the children are living in.

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As you may have noticed, I have for a few weeks now focused on issues related to youth and their relationship with the internet. Therefore, I decided that my final project will relate closely to this issue by volunteering at the organization Jeunesse, J’Écoute that works closely with cases related to young people facing problems such as cyber bullying, a recurring subject in my research. Jeunesse, J’Écoute provides help for youths with any kind of issues via their telephone line and online chatting device.

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In 2012, a young girl by the name of Malala Yousafzai captured our attention when she was shot in the head by the Taliban… and survived. The now 16 year old was shot for fighting for women’s right to education, but how did it get that far?  

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A few weeks ago, I posted an article discussing transgendered rights. Many people in the world have been active in the fight for those rights and one person who stood out is Thomas Beatie, also known as “The Pregnant Man”.

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The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wants everyone to realize that “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Their goal is to help out people suffering from Alzheimer and their families by easing the consequences related to this mental illness. Moreover, they constantly promote studies to find out the source of Alzheimer and discover a cure.

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