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With the longest coastline in the world, Canada’s fishing industry has long been a source of food, culture and jobs for the country, with approximately 600 communities economically dependent on the industry (Johnson, 2016). However, current data is pointing to a major collapse in as many as 15 major stocks, and according to the Environment and Sustainable Development commissioner – Julie Gelfand – 12 of these stocks have no government mitigation plans in place (Johnson, 2016).

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According to a recent report by the WWF, feeding the ever-growing population of Earth is putting an immense strain on natural resources and biodiversity, primarily in already vulnerable landscapes around the world. Currently, the global population is over 7 billion people and rising quickly, our numbers are expected to reach 10 billion by 2060 (UN 2017). This increase in population coupled with an increase in demand for meat and animal by-products is quickly making animal agriculture one of the most unsustainable efforts on the planet.

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