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Displaying 1 - 5 of 5 What Trump's climate change denial means for Canada

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An article by Keith Leslie published in the Globe and Mail describes a major issue directly affecting the Guelph area; water use. This article digs deeply to prove that Ontario’s efforts to manage water use for both industry and agriculture is insufficient. It is described as municipalities, industry, and farmers have a so called “free ride” when it comes to water use.

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Invasive Species Radio Script  Niko: Hey this is Niko coming to you from Brockport NY to bring you a special news story. Niko: Many people don’t know about the controversial topic of invasive species. Niko: Now for the people who don’t know what an invasive species is; it’s basically a species that has been introduced in a place separate from its natural habitat through humans. Niko: Here in New York there is a legal penalty for chopping down an ash tree. But why is that?

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Brenden Knapp CMC 243.61 HW WK 10: Podcast Script 11/2/16     Podcast: Managing the Great Lakes   Intro   - The Instrumental for “Bill Nye the Science Guy” show theme song ( 15 Seconds)  

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Green space is becoming less and less across the nation with the increased population and inevitable amount of construction taking place. This is something that is hard to combat as corporate power and money over shines everything. Although, some municipalities and city governments are working towards creating new greenspaces.

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