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First, what is this man box? It's the rules that men have to obey to fit in society, and to not be criticized for being different. It ranges from how a man is supposed to act, his limitations, and his behavior towards others. This box shows men that they are not supposed to cross a certain line, or else they have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. These consequences go from personal insults, physical violence and even murder. This box is supposed to police men on how to become real ''men''.   

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The article “Florida Moms Putting Kids up for Adoption see Canada as Promised Land with ‘Less Racism’ than U.S.” by Elizabeth Payne in the National Post on July 21, 2014 brings up the issue of the increase in children being put up for adoption in Canada by African-American parents because the multicultural country has less racism than in the United States. The author explains that these women wish for their children to be raised in a society that does not limit them based on their skin tone. These families believe that Canada will less expose their children to racism.

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In the article “Ebola, Poverty, and Racism”, Thadeus Pato claims that the Ebola virus is not a new discovery, that Scientifics discovered the disease back in 1976. The last epidemic before this present one was in Uganda and in Congo, in 2007. The disease is transmitted through body fluids. Even if it dies immediately when it is outside the body fluids, the mortality is still high because the virus “likes to multiply”. In fact, the Ebola virus does not come from human, it comes from bats. Human contracted the disease by accident. The sociopolitical situation in Africa is not easy.

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