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     I feel we obey the law because we’re aware of what will happen if we don’t. We’re able to recognize that chaos can occur, and it can destroy the “structure” that’s been formed to prevent such troubles. In Canada, we don’t face much chaos as our government is fairly well structured, but there are countries all across the world that don’t have the same layout as us. We watch this disorder and mayhem occur on the news. We see the damage it does to both the country, and its citizens.

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     The law plays many different roles in everyone’s lives depending on the person and their individual set of morals. For example, one person can see something like stunting driving (50km+ over the speed limit) in a public area as socially acceptable whereas, another person wouldn’t even think to run a stop sign because they feel an obligation to drive safety to prevent accidents or injuries.

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The law is everywhere and we are surrounded by it on a daily basis. When we drive our vehicles, we have the right to drive on the roads because we pay taxes, and speed limits are posted for our safety. If these speed limits are broken, we are punished. We express our freedom of speech everyday whenever we converse with someone. Being at Algoma University, I have the right to education and schooling. If I need to go to the doctor, and/or a hospital, I have the right to healthcare. During the summer when I was working, I was injured on the job.

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