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Market share information We are not a monopoly because there are many other similar bars in Montreal. Although, the competition does not really affect us because of our unique concept as well as our products which are very well innovated.  In fact, all of our local beer recipes are protected by a copyright.

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Because I am an athlete who is very active and constantly concerned about the shape of my body, my idea is a pill that eliminates all amount of bad calories. To be more specific, one pill would eliminate all substances of fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium and sugar. My goal is to help those who, like myself have huge cravings of non-healthy food. It is only useful if you take it after you have eaten because it reacts immediately on what you eat before your body starts digesting it.

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I decide to invent a service.  My invention is very simple. I will prepare the entire menu of the week  for the people and I will do the grocery for my clients. The only thing they will do is to prepare the dishes. They have also the chose to have a cook for them. We prepare lunch and dinner.  When the clients decide to have this service, they will have a discount for it. This service will be interesting for people who don’t have time in life or to save more time. I will offer specifically my product to family who want to save some time.

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First of all, the Starbucks company is in the top 10 of the must ethical Business in Canada. Starbucks has a reputation for the finest coffee in the world, legendary customer service and the highest integrity is the direct result of the collective efforts. This company is the first roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world and he becomes a truly global brand.Why this company is a strong example of ethical business in today’s world? 

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As asked in our homework, we need to choose a Canadian company and explain our point of view on their code of ethics. Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian company who offers manufacturing, engineering and service facilities in 25 countries. I chose this business because I have always been fascinated by the way they succeed worldwide. They are the world's only manufacturer of planes and trains.

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At first, I had no idea towards which field of study to go for because I did not know what I wanted to do as a living. I thought wisely and figured that I should choose a program that would be useful in life no matter what domain I would make a career in. Assuming that I am a person who has good leadership, who is comfortable at making critical decisions and has no problem  working with others, I figured, why not begin with Business Administration? This program touches many areas of specialization like Marketing, Management, Finance, Information Technology, International Business etc.

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