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           The Dakota Access pipeline protests by the Standing Rock Sioux people and other Aboriginal tribes is an attempt to protect sacred land and avoid water contamination of the Mississippi river. Through the media coverage of the affair, the moral dilemma arises of the representation of Aboriginals. While the time taken by leading news reporters to publish stories on the events is unjust, the overall representation brings to attention the detrimental stereotypical ways Aboriginals are conveyed in the news media.

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Living in big cities sometimes mean people do not always notice social issues that are happening right in front of them. Or is it that they just do not want to see them? Looking at their phone to ignore a woman with a Styrofoam cup in their hand, rolling up the window of their car when a man propose to wash the windshield for a few cents, that is how people ignore homelessness. However, looking away will not solve this issue that touches so many men and women around the world. From Quebec to Australia to England, homelessness is an important matter that should be looked through in dept.

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            The Coca-Cola Hello Happiness ad campaign works to help connect laborers within the United Arab Emirates with their far away families. Despite attempting to increase their quality of life, Coca-Cola’s large focus is that of gaining profits rather than social change.

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