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                                         In the article “Understanding the roots of homophobia around the world” written by Amy Adamczyk she explains how different factors such as money, freedom of speech and religious play a big role in homophobia in different countries. According to Adamczyk, every characteristic in each part of the world influences how people feel about homosexuality. She analyzed 80 nations in the attitudes, values and beliefs in order to explain the roots of homophobia.

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The article, “Body talks: Manitobans share how they feel about their bodies” written by Shannon Cuciz and published in Global News on March 15th, 2017 addresses citizens from Manitoba discussing their feelings about their bodies. For example, a young woman named, Lara Rae, transgender women and her transition at the age of 51. She states the many pressures that came along with her transition.

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In the advertisement by Tom Ford, a naked woman is seen combing a man’s hair. He is well-dressed, in a suit and bowtie, while flaunting Tom Ford’s designer glasses. He looks directly into the camera, while the female model’s gaze is downturned, seemingly concentrating on perfecting the pristine part in his hairline. What is particularly eye-catching is her half-exposed breasts and her obvious tan line. There are multiple sexist messages implied within the ad.

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