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This news article (Schlossberg, 2017) reported on a study published in July 2017 was responsible for informing the public about the inevitable increase of eutrophication, an excessive nutrient enrichment, in water systems caused by the recent increase in climate change. Eutrophication comes from artificial fertilizers applied to crops, that are carried in runoff from farmland into streams and lakes. Excess nitrogen from fertilizers can lead to deadly algal blooms that leave water systems with dangerously low levels of oxygen and lead to the slow death of the ecosystem.

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                The news article I chose (Yarr, 2017) had two purposes to it; the first was to inform the public about the questionable actions of the salmon producing company AquaBounty where they hadn't followed proper procedure with environmental assessments to make process of approval for their new facility easier. The second purpose was to inform the public on how the government dealt with the conflict and repercussions placed on the company. The main parties involved were the Coalition for the Protection of P.E.I.

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