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In our modern society, the population is exposed to multiple threatening and addicting obstacles that can hurt anyone and those around them. The most vulnerable members of the population are the young, therefore the adolescents are the most susceptible to addiction and the abuse of substances whether its illicit or prescription drugs. The causes of drug abuse are numerous and the consequences are even more substantial. The youth of today’s societies are faced with the large threat of drugs surrounding them.   Historical Context

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“The drive for clean air” was published by O’Toole Randal during the fall of 2001. This article shows how cars pollute in such a degree, that it can create multiple health problems, reduction of visibility, acid rain and even global warming! Not all is lost as the United States did make some changes. In the past 30 years, the government dramatically decreased air pollution from cars by regulating them. Some strategies to reduce the amount of driving people did nothing but harm. One of these strategies consisted in augmenting congestion.

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In the article “3 Ways Gay Marriage Has Changed Canada” written by Diane Robertson lists the 3 ways that same sex marriage has changed Canada by looking at the parenting, speech and religious freedom aspects. In the parenting aspect of this article, Diane speaks about how the laws surrounding parenthood and parental rights have immediately changed. She explains how children no longer have the right to their biological parents and how the biological parents don’t have the right to their children because of Bill C-38 which is the Bill that legalized gay marriage in Canada.

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            Animal cruelty is a subject that is being disregarded by many but shouldn’t be. Numerous people take this subject very lightly and don’t really know or think about it. I guarantee that many readers reading this will be surprised to find out the amount of times a Canadian abuses an animal. This is why I’ve taken on this issue and have chosen to talk about it. 

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From the beginning of the 21st century, the accessibility to information has surpassed all previous proportions due to the use of the worldwide web. Through the Internet, the population can educate themselves on all topics efficiently and quickly. The range of people on the Internet ranges from young children to the elderly. With such a large amount of people on the web it allows for a beneficial platform where people can be educated and influenced by sharing their ideas, opinions or news.

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The article “How to tell fake news from real news” written by Laura McClure who is an award-winning journalist and the TED-Ed editor talks about how to tell if news you see on the internet is fake or real. She talks about the steps on how to tell if a news is fake or not by looking at who wrote it, what claims the news makes, when the news was published and where was the news published. The reason why I chose this article and why I think it is a credible source is because TED hosts many lectures called “TED Talk” from different people on pertaining to different fields and subjects.

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