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 The article “Acid Rain go Away” by Shannon Shea Brescher describes the effects of acid rain on the Adirondack region of New York. Despite popular belief, acid precipitation comes not only in the form of rain, but also in the form of snow, fog, hail, and various other precipitations. Acid precipitation is a byproduct of industrial activity, and is a combination of ammonia, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen which mixes with atmospheric moisture. As a result, the precipitation is acidic.

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The article "Hydrogen or Fuel Cell - Which Comes First?" by Bruce E. Wood examines the plausability of replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen fuel or fuel cells. Although there is agreement that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, there is debate as to how we should do this. Energy policies imposed by the United States government have encouraged a move towards the use of hydrogen and or fuel cells. The problem with this is that as of the time this article was written, hydrogen is not abundantly available and fuel cells are too costly.

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Caughy, O'Campo and Muntaner’s (2004) study examined the relationship between African American parents who have experienced racism and the mental health of their children of pre-school age. The main hypothesis of the study was that parents who self-reported experiences of racism would have an effect on the development of their children socioemotionally through the effects of their strategies of racial socialization. The participants of this study were predominately African American, but the study also included European Americans as well as mixed race people.

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Implicit racism is racism which is unconscious or unrealized by the person who is committing it. It is often due to ideas which we are socialized to believe.

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Socially Constructed Racism

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