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The 1st amendment right which allows Americans to freely practice their desired religion is a part of why many believe The United States to be so great. If this is the case why are some religions more respected than others?

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In Denton Callander, Christy E. Newman and Martin Holt’s (2015) study talks about the sexual racism on social media in the LGBT community but more precisely at men that identify as gay or bisexual. They check if there was any correlation between the attitude towards sexual preference, multiculturalism, sexual racism, ethnicity, education degree and sexual identity. It was mentioned in the article that people who had a preference towards certain ethnicity or a “no dating rule” towards a certain ethnicity is considered as sexual racism.

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Swartz, Arogundade and Davis’ study (2014) focuses on the reflections of 164 students in a South African university in Cape Town, on their own personal experiences with the social structures and historical contexts of “white privilege” or any sort of un-earned advantages or disadvantages they feel that society gives them based upon certain attributes, either race, gender or sexuality. The study investigated the relationship between perceived experience with either societal advantages and disadvantages with race, gender, sexuality, etc.

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Education for those with disabilities is crucial to their individual success. Does the United States education system accommodate the needs of these individuals appropriately?

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In this assignment I will be talking about white privileges and its power because it is a subject that really concerns me so I found an article that explains the concept and its advantage/consequences. To begin with, I am a woman who is always bothered by inequality and I am frustrated to know that because of my gender, I have less chances to get a prestigious job or to get a promotion. That being said, seeing other minorities get discriminated because of white privileges really affects me.

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An issue in society that has only been growing involves the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. The first public battle that I can remember, was fighting for social acceptance for lesbians, gays, and those who are bisexual. The next, was gay marriage. Currently, the social issue that seems to be everywhere is relating to those who are transgender. The issue has grown since those individuals now would like to be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Now I tend to stay away from this social topic, but an article struck my attention and I have now decided to go further into this societal controversy. The article on the Newsweek website, “Denying transgender people bathroom access is linked to suicide,” caught my attention as it probably would anyone. The title caught my attention because of how simply bizarre the idea that bathroom access could ever be linked to suicide rates.

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After raping and leaving a woman completely vulnerable behind a dumpster, Brock Turner is sentenced to a mere 6 months prison time.

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I am researching the issue of terrorism in America. The main topic I will be focusing on is whether or not Muslims should be temporarily banned from immigrating into the United States.

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Over the last century, many women's rights came real under the activism of feminism. We can now vote, work, not being obligated to marry and have children. Having children is a dream for many people. But there are people who see it as a nightmare, men and women. For a man saying he doesn't want to be a father, it will be easier to escape people's judgements.  A woman who rejects motherhood will get a bad time in this society who sees family as an achievement, something you have to do because someone gave birth to you. I always knew children wasn't my forte.

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Since a few decades, people have followed the vegetarianism movement. Many of us are now wondering why do people try vegetarianism and what benefits does it have for our planet and us. Some people do believe in animal rights and cruelty but many are also concerned about the environmental degradation of our fascinating planet that’s called ‘the earth’. While I did some research on the subject, this ethical question often distinguished itself: Should we banish the meat industry in order to save the planet?

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  Growing up, race was never a concept that I fully understood because it simply confused me and so I never really bothered to touch on the subject due to its sensitivity. Belonging to the Caucasian ethnicity, I never really experienced such issues that come with racism, so touching on the concept of “race” and how it impacts our society was never really a concern. However, through; personal experiences that my friend has been through, Jared Diamond’s article called “Race Without Color” and class lectures, I will be discussing why race is so arbitrary.

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In the article from the Globe and Mail “In PEI, the right to choose: No longer ‘the shame of being shipped off the island'” by Ingrid Peritz, the moral dilemma surrounding the right to abortion is being discussed after a legal change occurring in the province of PEI.       

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