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Protection of natural environments, species and resources is becoming a main focus in Canadian policy making, much more than in previous years. The article, “Canada to Double Protected Areas” by Andrea Gunn of The Chronicle Herald takes a detailed look into the actions being done by governing bodies of Canada to save aquatic environments. Gunn states the protection of marine systems is gradually gaining more importance at all levels of government as Canada tries to increase the percentage of protected marine and coastal areas to ten percent by the year 2020.

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The state of Canadian wildlife is called into question after an extensive study of species population was released, revealing unfortunate trends in our current biophysical environment. In the news article, “Half of Canada’s monitored wildlife is in decline, major study finds” (link below), released on September 15, 2017, author Ashifu Kassam discusses recent data findings of a 44 year study on 903 Canadian wildlife species.

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