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In an article published on November 18th, 2014  by written by Tara Culp-Ressler entitled, “The Shocking Rates Of Violence And Abuse Facing Native American Kids” sheds light on the horrifying abuse that affects children on Native American tribal reserves. The author reports that these children’s lives are being “destroyed by relentless violence and trauma.” The abuse and trauma has resulted in these children experiencing PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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Exposing the view of a professor, Errol Miller on the problematic of violence in schools per se as well as the impact it has on academic achievement, Andre Poyser’s article ''Violence Is Greatest Threat To Student's Educational Outcomes – Miller'' reports that this situation results from the hostile environment by which children are surrounded.

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Shamelessly exposing a woman sexually dominated by a man, this ad from Suitsupply was a part of a questionably way bigger campaign. But first, let me clarify that this ad actually intends to sell men suits since it may not be quite clear taking into account the scene displayed. Personally, it makes me wonder how it is possible for our apparently modern society to still be imprisoned in these old ways of thinking impregnated with disrespect toward women.

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We already know that football is a very physical sport and that it is the cause of many injuries, but the growing subject is actually about the death of high school football players. That is what Kristina Marusic shares with us, reporting that from the beginning of September 2015 to October 5th not less than four of these athletes died from injuries suffered during a football game, one actually dying on the field.

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