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As shown in many magazines, Medias and television shows, women are more and more objectified, seen as nothing less than sexual tools or housewives. The objectification of women is amplifying. But what about men? Does anyone really think that men are not involved with social constructs? As a man, dealing with violence and masculinity became daily. Men always have to prove their superiority. Men always have to show how aggressive and strong they are in every place: home, work, locker room, etc. If they don’t, the society and people tend to see them as womanized men.

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Being a woman nowadays means dealing with a lot of problems. In our society, women have to be perfect: they have to be beautiful, kind, intelligent, ect. If they are not, what usually happens is that these women are not as prioritized as “perfect” women are, because they do not meet our civilization’s criteria. ! Then, why are we thinking that women are socially equal to men, when both of the genders are exposed to the same society and yet, no equality is visible.  

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