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Studying law as a social science Social science is the study human society and social relationships and one of the ways of defining law is as an expression of power, therefore law as a social science would be the study of how power shapes human society and regulates human relationships.

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    In order for law to be recognized and accepted in a society, it must have authority which must be upheld and enforced. The law itself is a form of authority over individuals in a society that exerts a constant power and influence over social interactions of individuals. However, the authority of the law must be recognized and respected in order to have any weight and validity. In addition, the law, its punishments, and rewards must be consistent and fair for the community to respect what it stands for.

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Law is a one of the vital parts of society that make up our everyday life. Consciously or unconsciously, Law influences our decisions and guides our actions as individuals in society. Law states our place in society and the extent of our actions fundamentally, law is a very important part of our lives as human beings and as social actors in the community. Law also brings a sense of tranquility to individuals and the state at large.

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Everyday, as civilians, we are exposed to the legal system in which we live and it does in fact have an impact on the way that we go about our everyday lives.  Laws are created and put into place to keep everybody acting in a civil manner that creates and promotes equality and guidelines.  As teenagers, we are exposed to many new laws that we may not have been aware of or been familiar with, such as driving laws, drinking and smoking, and even set regulations, such as plagiarism.

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