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Education has been my main subject on News Activist. I wrote about the issues concerning women, students and teachers in the educational environment. In this last post, I will introduce you to the inequalities of the women’s post-education and, then, I will introduce you to an event I have went to called “Marche Monde” organized by Oxfam Québec.

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Throughout the semester I chose to concentrate my writing and blog post on homelessness. I chose this subject because I am very concerned about people’s well-being and even more about vulnerable persons’ well-being. Homelessness is a topic that really affects me because a member of my family encountered some difficulties linked to homelessness. When he first started his company, he borrowed a lot of money from the bank and had many debts. At the begging his company did not work really well so, he did not have enough money to pay off all of his debts.

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Migration in the world is strating to have an impact on everyone. This reality is tranforming societies into multicultural ones. Plural societies are often having all sorts of trouble while dealing with all their differences. All cultures cherish their identities and want to preserve them. The question of how societies should manage the cultural ethcnic, racials, and linguistic differences stays a controversial debate. Is it possible to manage diversity into multicultural societies? Several models are proposing solution to create perfect cohesive communities.

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Does living in a high diversity area changes the way you see multiculturalism? Yes, it sure does! According to the article ‘’If you don’t think multiculturalism is working, look at your street corner’’ written in by Madeleine Bunting, being part of a mixed area makes people more tolerant of differences. She is using studies, including one from the social psychologists of University of Oxford[1], to prove her point.

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Ujjal Dosanjh is a Canadian politician and civil rights activist who had a positive impact on multiculturalism and diversity. 

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Academic research and the News         In the journal article by Dan Rodriguez-Garcia “Beyond Assimilation and Multiculturalism: a Critical review of the debate on Managing Diversity”, assimilationist and multiculturalist are compared through examples, social justice and political equality.  The article critically reviews the approaches of managing diversity into societies.  

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  In the article "Let's Welcome Refugees Generously, but Abandon Multiculturalism", published in the Montreal Gazette on September 15, 2015, the lawyer Julius H. Grey share his opinion about the attitude of our societies towards the refugee waves in the world. He explains why people should be more open to taking refugees. Most of people are not open to this idea. They think that those people will steal their job, bring problems or destroy their culture. It is clear that those refugees are hard-working in the majority and they are themselves running away from problems.

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Hi everyone, if you would like to make a change in a certain cause, I believe that Human society International might interest you! Around the world, they are doing major projects to change the planet in favour of the fauna and the flora. Around the area of Montreal, they are particularly working to save and help the animals in need.

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         Many issues are subject of debate in our societies for their legalization. Marijuana is a common one that contains a lot of positive and negative opinions. This plant has been considered criminal under the law in most part of the world. Most of people assume it's wrong because of some scientific evidence, and claims that cannabis is more harmful than other drugs we use all the time like alcohol and cigarettes. Our relationship with this drug is shaped by its status as a banned substance. In fact, there is more scientific evidence claiming that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

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On February 6th, Barbara Moran, a science writer in Brookline, wrote an article in the New-York Times about how people are dying in American hospitals. She is mostly talking about her own mother that died seven years ago. Her mom had a chronic liver condition, an autoimmune disease that had been under control for years but suddenly worsened around the year 2009. She spent four months in the intensive care unit. Her organs started to let go on her and she was living with tubes all around her body to keep her alive. She needed a liver transplant, but was too sick to survive one.

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Global warming is becoming a large issue in today’s world. All over the planet, media cover the news on the latest environmental catastrophe and on high temperatures setting new records. Many of these phenomena can be related to a common factor; there are more and more greenhouse gases being released in the atmosphere. Many countries try to reduce their emissions, and a way to accomplish this is with the mass planting of trees, conifers particularly, on land that used to be occupied by broadleaved trees. I live in Quebec (Canada) and it is quite frequent.

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Marathonians can reduce their footprint when running in organised greens’ races by  reusing, recycling and consuming less with less harmful products for their environment such as using biodiesel buses, biodegradable cups, organic T-shirts and even trophies can be made from reused bicycle parts. The Austin marathon wins, in the United-States in Texas with his greatest green initiatives. Their toilet paper is recycled, that is how far they go and it is awesome. I fully support that, it must influences other races.

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In response to the death of the patient Mark Blandford, whose death was caused by the deny of a life-saving surgery in St.Mary’s hospital, the journalist Dan Delmar comments on the medical oversized bureaucracy. The circumstances in which deaths happens because of the medical bureaucracy are not unusual. Health-care horror stories are becoming part of the cultural fabric.

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2015 was an unprecedented year for weather. We all noticed it: the weather was more than unusual, it was alarming. We knew something was going on with Mother Nature, but we did not know how bad the situation actually was. Then, at the beginning of 2016, we knew what was happening.

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Two animal right activist from the United-States face 10 years of prison and a title of terrorist after being caught releasing mink and foxes from a fur farms. They face charges under the 2006 law where damaging property or profit line of animal businesses can carry terrorism conviction, all without any violence. Kevin Johnson and Tyler Lang will plead for the federal charges to be dismissed. The lawyer of the two defendants claims that the use of the concept of terrorism is not appropriate and is use to stop free speech.

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