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asamp1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 13, 2014
         Students often feel uninspired and sluggish when doing coursework. According to a recent study performed by Matthew Walker, discussed in "Naps Clear the Mind, Help You Learn" by LiveScience Staff, it was suggested taking a daily nap can greatly help you retain information. The experiment involved thirty-nine adults who were randomly placed in a nap or non-nap group. First, both groups were presented a task at noon which challenged their hippocampus, which is the region of “the brain that helps store fact-based memories” ("Naps Clear the Mind”). Both groups performed evenly.

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In an article published by a British journal called the Guardian (2014) that was originally  retrieved from the Irish times journal, the issue being discussed was about a young woman who was denied to have an abortion. In this article, the case was told by a friend of the young woman because she wanted to keep her identity unknown to the public. Jane Doe wanted to terminate her pregnancy because it was a result of  a rape that happened in another country before she moved to Ireland.

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In the article “Achieving Diversity in Police Ranks No Easy Task” by Allen G. Breed and Sharon Cohen in the ABC News from September 14th, 2014 explain the lack of diversity in police’s all around. One police named Bill Carson from St-Louis suburb of Maryland Heights noticed a diversity problem. In a department of 79 officers, there are just one black and one Hispanic officer. In most areas, there are rarely more than two black and one Hispanic officer’s. Most officers worldwide consist of mostly Caucasian men. If someone is not a white male, they are considered a lower rank.

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The article “American Schools are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds” written in the Huffington post explains that students of color who attend public schools are most likely to get punished and to have incompetent teachers. It is shown that students with a different “race” than white are most likely to get expelled or suspended. There are a large amount of teachers who fail to meet certification requirements and teach at public schools. Sadly, these teachers teach minority students which leads to low academic performance.

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In the past week, a radical terrorist group - named Islamic State (or “IS”) - has sent shockwaves around the world. The reason for this, to summarize very briefly, is because the IS - partaking in frequent abductions, ransom negotiations, beheadings, city takeovers, etc. – have threatened Iraq’s socio-political stability, economic security and created a major humanitarian crisis. For obvious reasons, this crisis has sparked an uproar within the International community, which is asking for an imminent intervention from outside countries.

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In this editorial article published on August 18th, 2014 by Montreal Gazette, it explains how E-cigarette had become  more and more popular since 2011 when they first appeared in Quebec's markets. The legislators are beginning to notice the possible health and legal problems regarding these cigarettes. At the beginning, most of the people who used E-Cigarettes used them as a transition to quit smoking tobacco. Sadly, since it has become a fashionable thing to use, the companies of E-Cigarettes ended up targeting the wrong customers.

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