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Two years ago, cavers discovered a chamber with many bones that are at least 1 million years old. They could probably lead us to new specie of the Homo. After an expedition in South Africa, a team of scientists discovered more than 1550 fossils from individuals that lived 1.78 million to 1.95 million years ago. Lee R.Berger and his team of 60 scientists announced that this was the discovery of new hominim specie. They want to name it the Homo Naledi, “Naledi” means “star” in the local Lesotho language where the bones were discovered.  

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As announced by the White House, the United States of America are preparing to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees. Compared to the previous 2011 setting, which was allowing few 1,600 refugees, this whole process will now house a total of 11,600 Syrian refugees. That migrant crisis is qualified as being the worst since the past World War, and should now be considered as a priority.

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Last week the gigantic company Apple did a conference to reveal their new products. They introduce a pencil made for the new IPad pro the Apple pencil.  The Apple pencil first objective is to give a complete precision for those who want to create or to draw everything they want on their IPad. They are offering this product for 99US$ and they are specially created for the IPad pro.

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