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This article discuses the inequality aboriginal women are continuing to face in British nb Colombia. It focuses on inaction towards the missing and murdered women in Vancouver and the surrounding area by presenting examples of this claim. The author believes that these women lives are viewed unequally   starts off the article by presenting a case from the 1990’s. In which a pig farmer named Robert William Pickton was able to prey on women from the impoverished Downtown East side for over ten years when the case was first opened.

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This article talks about something that touches millions of people across North America; the poverty trap that is minimum wage.  The authors believe that minimum wage should be brought up to at least fifteen dollars an hour in order to allow people to actually be able to use their money. They talk about Bill 33, which would raise the minimum wage by fifteen cents. With such a low increase rate if this bill had been put in place our minimum wage would be much less than it is now. They then go on and talk about how many of the minimum wage workers in Manitoba are women with children.

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This article talks about the differences between reconciliation and accommodation in Quebec. The author starts out by talking about how people can be easily swayed to believe something when it comes from a form of authority such as a Politian or a known media source in the form of a journal or a show. He then goes on to talk about how the Bouchard-Taylor report of reasonable accommodations seems to have failed in finding out the reason for why we have this malaise and tension in the air.

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This article talks about an architectural phenomenon that is popping up in numerous cities, in this case London. The author starts off by giving their view on these ‘deterrents’ by saying how awful they are. In cities across North America and Europe buildings and other structures have started to be equipped with inch long spikes covering flat surfaces or dividers in the middle of a bench. The author talks about the two opposing views in concern to this problem.

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This article talks about how lead poisoning in cities such as Chicago, Michigan, Detroit, Flint and many more. This toxic stress has become a threat to the children futures. The author goes on to say that lead is an environmental, social and economic injustice that is entirely preventable. And that in case such as Flint the injustice only widened as more time went by. The city of Flint has been the center of a known water crisis for quite some time now.

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The author of this article starts off by talking about how Xenophobia is on the rise as more and more right-wing nationalist gain favor in elections. This has caused democratic values to come under attack. She goes on to say that since Trump’s election he has tried to set a travel ban for seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen). This ban would block refugees, immigrants and visitors from them to the united states.

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  Psychiatric facilities in British Columbia need to rebuild their mental health systems for being unethical with patients. Mental health facilities allowed staff to constrain patients with no explanations, they denied patients the right to have a lawyer and, took away clothing from patients as a way of discipline. The “Operating in Darkness” report states the provincial Mental Health Act allows patients in confinement to be restrained to their beds, giving unwanted drug treatments and, losing their right to cloths.  

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The issue regarding this article is President Trump’s decision to bomb Syria and his sudden change of heart. Once he saw pictures of dead children he says his attitude towards Syria and Assad changed instantly. The media is applauding him for his change of heart, but this article argues that Trump doesn’t truly care. He says he was touched by the children being gassed to death, but still bans them from entering the country. It’s hypocritical.

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You would like to think that mental health was taken seriously, wouldn’t you? For years, the idea of romanticizing mental illness has come to play and Dawnie Cheung explains more on the issue. She starts off by explaining how mental illness is hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it. She goes on to explain how mental illness was taught to her to be frightening and scary, although now in this generation, it’s viewed as normal and “cool” to have.

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