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The following advertisement illustrates a young girl walking at a train station, wearing a very revealing skirt with the words “My number” written behind and where the ends of the skirt are made of pieces of paper with phone numbers on them, presumedly her’s. Targeting a predominantly heterosexual male audience, “Ché Men’s Magazine”, the company which the advertisement is promoting, is a monthly Belgian magazine, publishing articles and ads on male interests.

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The BBC crime drama Luther depicts the obsessive and often times violent detective Luther as he works in the Serious Crimes Unit solving violent homicides and sexual assaults throughout London. For the most part the criminals Luther pursues are criminals that do fall into typical gender perspectives of such violent crimes; rapists, pedophiles, and serial killers, shown either to gain sexual satisfaction from their crimes, committing them because they are completely void of emotions, or both.

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The Gender of Lying: Jian Ghomeshi and the Historical Construction of TruthThe case involving Jian Ghomeshi indicates how the Canadian law does not protect women against sexual harassment despite laws prohibiting such misconducts. Jian Ghomeshi, a former employee for CBC Radio engaged himself in several instances of harassing fellow women employees (Blackwell, 2014). Despite, accusation to the organization’s manager, the manager did nothing towards the issue; but instead told the complaining lady to change herself in order to avoid the harassment.

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