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What is a vegan diet, How do people become vegan?

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Gianni Delli Colli  Marco Polce  Samuel Leger Danyyil Bun   Green Cars With the new innovations being brought upon eco-friendly cars, we question which is better, electric or gasoline? The quick answer everyone falls back to is that electric cars are more expensive, or that they do not cover long distances as well as gas operated engines. The real answer however, is no and no.

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Nowadays, we live in a world where we depend mostly on cars to answer our need to move. As vehicles became more available, our roads became full of inefficient cars. A typical car usually has 5 seats, but it is unfortunate that most of the time there is only one passenger in each car. Consequently, our highways are more packed than ever which has multiple impacts on the environment and the people. This issue brings a fundamental question: How can we be more efficient in the way we move? One major solution is to do carpooling.  

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