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The article "Yaya Touré: players could boycott 2018 World Cup in Russia over racism" by Stuart James on the Huffington Post on October 24, 2014 explains why some soccer players might be inclined to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia due to racism in this country. Yaya Touré is a black soccer player who is apart of the Manchester City soccer team. He brought up the possibility of this boycott after fans of the opposing team racially abused him during a game facing Manchester City to CSKA Moscow.

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In masculinity there is a concept called the ‘‘Man Box’’. Inside this box there are some particular words for how a man should act and some expectations or role that constitute conventional masculinity. For example the words Strong, Tough, Hard or Intimidating are in this box. But let’s not forget that outside this box there are some bad words that a man can be called if he does not respect the principle of this box. For example if a man is not acting like a man, based on the society he is in, he will be called a Pussy, a Faggot or even a Bitch.

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Nowadays, men and women are stereotyping themselves way too much. For example, let’s take the colors associated with both genders. Pink is directly associated to a girl and blue is directly associated to a guy. In my personal case, I have some male friends that like to wear pink shirts but they’re too shy to show it in public. Furthermore, I know quite a lot of girls that loves watching MMA but again they don’t want to show it publicly so they will not get judged... Stereotyping each other is just not beneficial for each side because people will not demonstrate their true personalities.

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