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Igman is a promising young author that studies in Pure and applied Science at Champlain's College. At age 12, in 7th grade, Igman sent one of his completed writing assignments in to Scholastic; the manuscript was published that same year as Air Pollution in world’s cities, which became the first in a series. At 17, Igman received an Air Canada Award for promising authors in Canada. By the end of high school, he had published five books. At age 23, he had 11 books in print. Now 48, his books--more than 75 of them--have sold upwards of 7 million copies. One of his series, The Monday Night Football Club, was turned into the 4-season TV show "The Jersey" on the Disney Channel; Macdonald Hall, that series he started in 7th grade, was optioned as a TV show, but not produced.


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Environmental Issue Our project is aimed at eliminating incorrect sorting of waste in cities. More specifically, its goal is to diminish the use of garbage cans as the universal waste bins and instead, encourage people to recycle and compost as often as they can. Solution Our approach to this problem is to fabricate stickers that we will put on municipal garbage cans all over Saint-Lambert and that will make people reflect on whether or not what they are disposing of belongs in the trash.

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The article ‘’Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities’’ written by John Vidal describes the growing phenomenon in cities all around the world that is air pollution. Through the use of datas and quotations, the author of this article shows that air pollution is a phenomenon that is growing worldwide and that it is truly detrimental to our cities.  In the past five years, according to recent studies, air pollution has globally increased by 8%.

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In our modern times, society has strived to develop more and more technology designed to simplify our lives. In Canada, a highly visible negative consequence of this pursuit of convenience is the drastic reduction in the amount of physical activity in which citizen take part in, especially in the kids of the newest generation. This includes all manners of their lives, whether that be in gym class, on the playground, while travelling to and from school; physical activity in general has been replaced by a more efficient or more attractive medium.

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Igman is a promising young author that studies in Pure and applied Science at Champlain's College.

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