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a. Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is racism in Canada and it will be an analytical paper. It will explore the different manifestations of racism in Canada such as racism in the workplace and racial profiling. Racism in Canada is a social issue because although people from different races should be treated equally, which is the social ideal, the social reality is that racial minorities (people of color) face more challenges than the racial majority (white people).

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A. The topic of this paper is infant mortality rates in Subsaharan Africa. This essay will be analitycal and then, it will analyze the causes of infant mortality rates in different Subsahara's African countries as they have the highest infant mortality rates in the entire world. This essay will also examine how the mortality rate of infants can be reduced in this particular region of the world. 

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a.     Topic and Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is gender inequality in the modern Canadian workforce. This paper will be mainly comparative, as it will aim to determine the differences that each gender has to face when it comes both to obtaining a job, as well as earning promotions and elevated salaries. This paper will also attempt to determine solutions to eliminate potential gender disparities in the average workplace.

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