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  Religion is a really vague concept since it is not always practice the same way for every people. Some people are so fervent of their religion that they are ready to die in the name of it. This is what has lead to the attack of September 2001 for example and more recently to the terrorist attack of Martin Ahmad Rouleau at St-Jean (Quebec) in 2014.

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This morning, at least 60 schools from Quebec and 1 from Ontario received an email notifying them of a bomb threat. Every one of these 61 schools was evacuated and some of them even closed their doors for the rest of the day. The authors of the email acted as a collective in response to the actions of teachers during the strike.

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In October 2014, Jean-François Fortin who was a previous member of The Bloc Quebecois formed a new political party. The new political party Forces et Démocratie has many plans on how they want to represent their citizens because they claim that none of the current parties are giving the form of attention that people want. The new party he's proposing, Fortin says, will "refuse to play by the rules". But it is ridiculous that this party claims to give so much importance to citizens yet they don’t even have the intention in making an English version of their party’s name.

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Today was held a debate between all the leaders of the four major political parties appearing in the upcoming elections. This debate takes place before every election to inform and help the population to vote for the political party that represents them the most.

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A couple months ago, a woman accused Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane of rape. Since the charges, a lot of elements have been brought to the case but there is still no verdict from the judge. However, Patrick Kane was invited to Blackhawks’ training camp even if a lot of people were opposed to it.

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Homophobia is still a burden in our actual society. There are some thoughts that explain the homophobic person tend to be psychotic or they have psychotic trait like hostility, anger and aggression toward others. In some early studies, people with negative reaction to gays and lesbians tends to harbor same-sex desires themselves. Other sudies, say that homophobic are really disgust by same-sex attraction. There is also other reason like religon that don’t accept gays and lesbians.

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Last year was the worst year for French plays with a decrease of 23 % in revenue and 38% in tickets sales. The only type of show that saw an increase in audience is comedies.

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  An article recently talked about Caitlyn Jenner filing up her car at the gas station.  Caitlyn Jenner is the father of Kylie Jenner who changed sex and became a woman recently. With that article, we can ask ourselves a question, does the media really pay attention to the important stuff.

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These days in the province of Quebec, the subject of strike and schools is something students and teachers just can’t ignore. In fact, certain schools have already been affected by the issue happening between the government and the teachers. From my personal point of view, as a student of Champlain College in St-Lambert, I might be affected since I’ve learned from an external source (that I won’t name for privacy) that 68% of Champlain’s teachers have voted in favour of a 6 day strike, if necessary.

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Apple the symbol of consumption     Simon Ward     Apple has released the new IPad Pro which is considered the most powerful of all the IPad. They also released two new IPhone: the IPhone 6 and 6S which according to Apple are the most advanced mobile in the world. The notable change of the IPad Pro is the size that is 3.2 inches longer.   

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I think many students have the same experience like me, didn’t get enough of sleep in the night and wake up early in the other day for school. It's hard to wake up at 6 or 7 although you settled a series alarms. When the alarm rings out at 7 am in the morning, the feeling is equal to someone wake you up at 3am. Some students like a zombie at school when they don’t get enough sleep; some of them just sleep in the class. Teenagers’ biological time dictates a need for nine hours of sleep, and later sleep and wake times. Specially, their body is growing up in the adolescence.

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