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April 26th 1986. The worst industrial accident happened.. Many lives taken and a contaminated environment for the next 10 000 years.  The worst man-made disaster. The world knew that Chernobyl happened because of the data recorded by a swedish nuclear power plant the morning following the explosion. With all the information findable today, it is possible to know what happened that tragic night and what are the results of Chernobyl.   

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Over the last century, many women's rights came real under the activism of feminism. We can now vote, work, not being obligated to marry and have children. Having children is a dream for many people. But there are people who see it as a nightmare, men and women. For a man saying he doesn't want to be a father, it will be easier to escape people's judgements.  A woman who rejects motherhood will get a bad time in this society who sees family as an achievement, something you have to do because someone gave birth to you. I always knew children wasn't my forte.

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