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An article based on a wonderful movie called "Even the Rain". It speaks of how the water shortage in Bolivia affected the movie being made there and of how the water shortage hurt the many people. It continues to speak of how the people tried to fight back.

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5 Broken Cameras displays a perfect example of patriotism and nonviolent resistance.

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               In this article written by Hisham  Allam on November 7th 2013, the government wants to implement a new law: to forbid freedom of expression. Egypt, who won this right in 2011 are being threatened to have it taken away. The government wants to ban all riots, whether it is a peaceful one or not. This law states that if people go against this law they will be charged with betrayal and sent to prison. Also, they will be charged a fine of 42, 000 dollars.

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Come on, lets give them a break! Media really isn't all that bad. When was the last time you saw a 12 year old boy running around with a machete, killing hookers, and stealing cars because his parents bought him the new Grand Theft Auto game?

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Over decades arguments have always been formed about what type of sexual education should be taught in schools. As pregnancy rates go up so does the amount of people joining the argument about sex Ed. Can sexual education in high schools be the cause our kids to get pregnant at a young age?

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Is the media really corrupting us and our children, and to what extent?

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In an article from the New York Times published on the 24th of september, Jeffrey D. Sachs is discusing a social issue in Africa.

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The article “UN human rights investigator says Canada needs inquiry into missing aboriginal women” by the Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail discusses the idea of human rights. Written on October 15th, 2013, this article mainly discusses the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women. According to a senior UN rights official, the federal government should set up a national inquiry into this social issue. The Canadian government has already put forth a plan to deal with the issue of missing aboriginal women but many fear this will not be enough.

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In the article Gays in Russia Find No Haven, Despite Support From The West ( written by David M. Herszenhorn, homosexuality is not only against the law in Russia, but has Russians getting harassed and abused publically.

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The closure of abortion clinics are in jeopardy in many different states. Therefore women have started to take pills they order from the internet. Self-induced abortions have increased.

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Everyone has their own opinion, and gay rights seem to be the most diverse. Some people say “same sex couples should be able to join hands in holy matrimony and call it marriage.” Others agree, but they say, “don’t call it marriage, that’s not how the bible defines it.” And lastly, organizations, like DOMA, say they shouldn’t get married at all, and if they do, they will not receive federal benefits. This article really focuses on the different views that people have, and the organizations that people started to influence the government to believe that gay marriage is wrong.

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