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The article “Race and Racism Central Issue of Election” by Margaret Hageman from The Toronto Star on October 14, 2014 discusses the issue of racism in Toronto and emphasizes the importance of electing a mayor who comprehends the role that racism plays within the city (Hageman, 2014, para 2). When a place has “Diversity Our Strength” as their motto, the author finds it important to have a leader who understands racism. The current white majority in Toronto will soon become the minority as the number of non-white people in the city increases (Hageman, 2014, para 3).

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As much as society would like to peg woman as a leading cause for "de-masculization" it seems that more and more its the realization of young men that the roles society has determined for them are not as glamourous as Hollywood makes them out to be. Why is it that stoic is the best attribute to discribe strength? The lack of feeling something, anything really, is what makes men more "manly".  Not being able to face or accept their emoptions is what seperates them from being a wuss or a pussy. Emotional pain is what makes humans capable of compation and empathy, is it not?

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The article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted by Police” by Mark Gollum on CBC News from august 13, 2014 discusses how black Americans perceive themselves as being targeted by the police and why that would be the case (Gollum, 2014, para 2). The recent killing of unarmed teenager, Michael brown, by a Caucasian police officer has caused a reaction of outrage across the United States, especially in predominantly black communities.

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                      In the article “Google Accused of Racial Discrimination”, Latifa demonstrates how the Internet seems to play a big role on the racial stereotypes present in our society. Latifa seems to especially focus on how Google appears to stimulate the relation between immigrant names and the stereotypical comments associated with them. Firstly, Latifa mentions that when people go on Google and search typical “black” names such as Darnell, there are numerous ads on criminal behavior compared to typical “white” names like Emma.

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After watching the movie ‘Miss Representation’, a friend and I started a discussion about the media’s effect on women and how it ends up affecting both genders negatively. While women are constantly under the pressure to look a certain way, my friend made the point that men are under that same pressure. While I argued that I was focusing more on the physical and superficial aspects of this negative effect, my friend once again pointed out that men had the same pressures too.  Walking through the downtown area of St.

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