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Ask any average student what is essential for his or hers survival during exam season and its most likely the first answer will be coffee. A great number of students, myself including, go to Starbucks in the evening to get a soothing atmosphere and fuel to prevent us from falling asleep in our notes.

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More and more in society, we are seeing young people suffering from extreme anxiety, being diagnosed with forms of clinical depression, and, in some cases, even committing suicide. In many of these instances, past sexual relationships are what are at the root of these unfortunate down-ward spirals in young adults. Where is this system going wrong?

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The article that I chose to write about focuses on domestic violence and the effects of domestic violence going unreported and how this can create a ripple affect into the lives of those who are not directly involved with the violence (the children). The article begins by laying out the statistics of domestic violence. 1.3 million Women are physically assaulted by their intimate partners annually, and 22% of these women have been assaulted by their partners in the past.

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The article that I chose mainly focused on bullying in Irish school systems and how cyberbullying is a new obstacle for school management and conducted research on how they can begin to put policies in place to help prevent cyberbullying. The article mentions how since the 1970’s research data has been collected and since then there has been a lot of data taken in regards to individual differences and aggression held toward defining features and sub-types. More importantly this data is being used to determine methods on how to help get rid of bullying and even cyberbullying for good.

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This article focuses on how although the education system is changing quickly and making rapid switches from paper to portable devices in efforts to focus on individual-based style learning, it is important to remember that the one thing in education that hasn’t changed is the teachers wanting to help each child individually. As time has gone on the best way to do this is by using technology because the technology can cater to every child’s needs. If the technology helps the children who are excelling then the teachers are now able to help the children who are struggling.

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Making all public college tuition free would cost significantly less than what our federal government currently spends on tax breaks and financial aid alone.

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