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Modern day film piracy has been a huge problem in the United States and other countries with big movie industries. Many techniques had been used to try to decrease the damages caused by the piracy. The mediums of piracy have changed a lot: passing from cassettes to DVD’s and then, into online streaming website. So have the techniques used to stop them.

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          There is a huge problem that the industry of television, film and music face each year. This trouble is what we call the modern day “piracy”. Streaming online videos or downloading them for free has, according to some, a very destructive effect on the economy after we see the real consequences of people streaming films online.

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          The system we have in Canada, which is not very different from the American system, is a three part system. This means that we have only three major parties debating for the votes and all the other parties have no actual force. Is this because their ideas are not good and people do not agree of them? Not really.

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Most people in the world are afraid of spiders, even the harmless ones. Now, these people wouldn’t react well to the new spider specie, found along Australia’s southern coast. There are many funnel-web spiders (with funnel-shaped webs), but only Sudney funnel-web spider is known to live in Booderee National Park. The scientists of Australian National University (ANU), who found this venomous spider, were surprised to see that this creature was in fact not a known funnel-web spider.

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The majority of people watching gaming videos on YouTube would probably recognize this name: Pewdiepie. This YouTuber named Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. Pewdiepie, is our new YouTube star. His channel has become the most popular channel on YouTube: close to 40 million subscribers and more than 9 billion views. He has been the most successful man in this job, since in 2013, his channel got almost 10 million subscribers in only one year, and it has been growing ever since.

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The web is one of the highest growing industries, with big companies like Google and Microsoft. More jobs are created every year in this area, such as web designers, and we become more dependent to it. What attracted me in this article is that it is about a war between two of the biggest names in technology: Apple and Google.  

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October’s federal election are fast approaching and a lot of people throughout the world are very concerned about who the majority of the citizens of Canada will vote. Why? It’s because our next Prime Minister of Canada will be representing us in 21st UN Framework on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris in the end of 2015. This conference will try to come up with a solution to our problems of the devastation of the Earth.

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The oceans of earth are inhabited with a lot of creatures. The 21th century new technologies have permitted us to start to explore the oceans and the animals living in them and the results have exceeded the expectations.

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Facebook recently attracted the attention of the network’s users. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, announced a few days ago the possible release of a dislike button on Facebook. Could you imagine its effects? Nothing is sure yet, but the new is already spreading around. CBC News, BBC News, Forbes, NBC News and countless other articles networks have been announcing the new and discussing about the impact of it. My opinion? Well we don’t know if something is actually going to happen.

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Today early morning, The Apple Inc. announced their new phones, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. This, I think, has become a major threat to the Samsung Galaxy S series, since it has many upgrades and some new, very cool, features. They also announced a bigger iPad and an upgraded Apple TV with a new operating system called tvOS. I have been waiting a lot, as a lot of you have, to see the new features the new phone will have and its price as well. That’s why I find this article very satisfying.

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Everyone knows that the technology is progressing with an incredible speed. Nowadays, we can find new discoveries that our precedent generations have never dreamed about. One of these new technological innovations are of course robots. So what does this article talk about?

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The summer Olympics are approaching. In 11 months, all the world will be porting its attention on Brazil, the host of the 2016 Olympics. Be ready to see the country at its best. Be ready to see all the new installations and the happy population. But, all of that will only be a façade. The truth is that Brazil has a lot to do before we can all cheer for our countries. Rio de Janeiro is in lack of basic sanitation and the waters in which the athletes will compete is polluted.

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