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             In the article “As seas rise, saltwater plants offer hope farms will survive”, the author Katy Daigle describes how the flooding of the coastlines in India has affected the agriculture. With climate change happening, more glaciers are melting and the sea levels are rising. This results in the flooding of many coastal farms in the south of Asia. For the 1.26 billion people living in India, relocation is not always an option, especially when food productivity needs to increase by 45% before 2050 if the population wants to be fed.

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The article Greenhouse Gases Hit Record High Amid Fears of CO2 Saturation Point, published by Brian Clark Howard, has as a goal to inform people about the issues brought up by greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. Howard emphasizes on the fact that, even there is no actual scentific concensus on the matter, a saturation point of CO2 gases which can be absorbed in oceans, plants, etc. may soon be reached. Moreover, the emissions of carbon dioxide have increased considerably since the 1980's.

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Global warming and El Nino, which is “an occasional warming of the central Pacific that changes weather worldwide” have caused coral reefs to whiten. This whitening is the killing of coral which is home to many species of wildlife. Although the coral reefs around the world are a very small percentage of the ocean floor, they are home to 25% of ocean wildlife. This problem has happened twice in the past. The US coral reefs are being hit the hardest because of the pattern of warming. Hawaii has been hit the hardest along with areas in Florida, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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There are numerous resources in the world that can be transformed into energy and support the needs of the Earth’s population. Petroleum, natural gas and diesel are some examples of energy resources that can be used to satisfy human needs. The main purpose of the article Diesel Cars: What’s All the Fuss About? is to highlight the major issue: air pollution caused by diesel cars.

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