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     This article discusses the role that masculinity plays when it comes to school shootings. The article touches upon how the media expresses these issues of violence as being related to mental illness but this issue is never related with problems of masculinity. The author describes how boys are brought up and how their upbringing can be harmful to them.

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     Women are constantly portrayed as sexual objects in everyday advertisements. Women are set to achieve unrealistic physical standards and the effects of not achieving these standards can be extremely harmful for women. Women are constantly objectified in advertisements and the sole purpose of having them in the advertisement is to show off their perfect curves. In this advertisement, the company Protein World is using an image of a young girl with an unrealistic body shape to sell their protein.

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The trap of reaching the “perfect body shape”, why is it wrong?   I read and article posted the 14 October 2014  in The Guardian about body image, the article was written by Laura Bates and I really liked her point of view on the issue. She talked about body image, body confidence, the ideals society spread on us and how this things create anxiety, personal issues and unattainable physic figures and she also talked about some ways to fix this. So know, lets talk about body image.   

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