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Biogas By : Marine Gauthier, Audrey Rose Lucier, Catherine Martin, and Hina Idris. 

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Since the past centuries, many animals have gone extinct. Today, we are facing an alarming extinction of pollinators, especially of the honeybee population. The consequences of this extinction are very significant to human survival since they play an essential role in our food chain. Honeybees are the main actors responsible for the pollination of our flowers, fruits and vegetables. The majority of human food crops that supply the world's nutrition are pollinated by bees.

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How is the product associated with happiness? The commercial includes smiling people with a good socioeconomic status, images of a ‘’good’’ life, and an uplifting song. It also shows two things that make people happy, most of the time: family and food. Coca-Cola tried to associate its products with things that usually make people happy to give the impression that everyone in the commercial is actually happy because of the bottles of coke they are all drinking. What type of happiness is portrayed?

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Green cars By : Catherine Martin, Audrey Rose Lucier, Hina Idris, and Marine Gauthier. 

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Biking to get to work Felix, Stefania and William   Fitness and health Since your body is the engine and the food you eat is the fuel biking to get to work burns many calories (about as many as jogging) with less consequences on your joints. It improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers your blood pressure and helps gain muscle. In general, women are more prone to develop osteoporosis and physical activity helps make one’s bones stronger   Happiness

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