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                The article ‘US tribes work with scientists against climate change’ (published in Al Jazeera) describes an initiative in the South-Central United States that has brought together Native American communities and climate scientists in the race for adaptation to increasing uncertainty in local weather patterns due to global climate change.

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The number of heroin overdoses have been rising quickly over the last few months. In Erie County, NY there were almost 600 opiate overdose deaths by April of 2016 this includes heroin and prescription opiates such as morphine, oxycodone, and methadone. There was 39% increase in heroin related deaths in 2012-2013. This number has continued to rise; Opiate overdoses have doubled in the last year all over the country. Officials are saying that the country is facing a heroin epidemic.

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Ocean Acidification (Intro Music: 30 sec long) Leo:  Hey guys, my name is Leo Chai, host of Nature’s Radio Podcast and       today we will be having a special guest.  Harriet Minc, a biology student from Guelph University,  who is here to answer questions about her research on Ocean      Acidification.           Harriet:            Hi, great to be here today           Leo: Alright, nice to have you here.

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Does the wage gap exist? Yes but not at the 79 cents per every man’s dollar like people keep quoting, its actually 93 cents per every man’s dollar.

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Canada's Great Lakes holds 20% of the worlds fresh water supply. Water is a basic right for humans and as such, Canada has taken the responsibility of ensuring not only our own country has access to safe drinking water, but also export large amounts of water to other countries who are not so fortunate to have the abundance of water that we do. The State holds a responsibility to its constituents to protect the resources and use them sustainably for future generations. The use of water has been based off stationarity which is basing management of water off past fluctuations in supply.

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