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“What the hell is going on in this planet?”   As the past week shocked everyone on the planet with the terrorist attacks in Paris, in what direction is the state of our planet is going? I know some of you reading this might tell yourself “This is nothing new, situations like that happen around the world”. What I mean with my question is if attacks like these happen in New York (9/11) and now in Paris, what will be the outbreak that will make everything fumble into pieces?

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 Freedom of religion is considered by most people to be a fundamental human right. No matter how bizarre or strange we might think someone’s religious belief is, like a lot of people will think about this one, it is still their religious belief and they have the right to freely express it.

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On the AHA (American Humanist Association) website, I found an article about controversial events that happened in the United States related to racism. They were talking about the recent shooting events that happened to unarmed black people in Ferguson with Michael Brown and Travon Martin in Florida, and how it is unacceptable to judge or to kill someone just because of the color of his skin. Calling a time to reflect of what’s going on is what they suggest and I totally agree with the opinion of the association.

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