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After raping and leaving a woman completely vulnerable behind a dumpster, Brock Turner is sentenced to a mere 6 months prison time.

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A  heavily made up, half naked, slender, near-perfect woman is sitting seductively showcasing her long, desirable legs in a racy advertisement published in Belgium’s leading male magazine, P-magazine. Beside the woman is the message “Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her”, just below her rear. There are countless issues to address in this ad; The objectification of women, the normalization of heterosexuality, and the presence and promotion of unattainable beauty standards for women.

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Although I had a general understanding of the concept of “race” before, I have learned a lot since the first day in this class. For instance, I learned that the main point behind the concept of “race” is that one group of people is different from the other based on a specific factor.  

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