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Mind control is something people never seem to take seriously.  Being "mind controlled"  is something that would come straight out a movie scene. That part of the movie is now becoming a reality. It is a scary thought that the one thing that any human can control, its own mind, can be tampered with. I find it interesting that technology has come this far. However, the question I am worried about is how far should it really go?  

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This article introduces former NSA agent and whistle-blower Edward Snowden who leaked the truth about the massive surveillance program of Americans by the NSA and CIA. This controversial case picked my attention in what is the righteous way to protect one’s own country.  He might look as he has committed a crime against his own country by betraying the notorious NSA and CIA. However, what make its country are actually its people, and they are being watched unwillingly by the NSA and CIA. Therefore, is Snowden really a traitor?

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  The article “Canadian Poll Shows Split on Whether it's OK for Gov't to Spy on Citizens Online” written by Michael Oliveira brings to light an issue that touches the lives of most Canadians. Many citizens now use the Internet regularly for various activities. We assume that we are aware and in control of the privacy of our online browsing. This might not be the case. According to the poll results introduced in the article, some people already think that our online privacy is being investigated. Many people have different opinions about this issue.

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