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Racism Experienced by the Australian Indigenous Population

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Is the government contributing to an epidemic that they are trying to cure? The U.S. government bankrolls a program called SNAP. The SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) aka Food Stamps is a  federally  funded program that gives monies to poor people to buy food. The goal of this program is to combat hunger in low income people. This is an admirable goal but what about its side effects?

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This article from the Montreal Gazette highlights an issue with a Dollarama Halloween decoration, more specifically, a black severed foot shackled in chains. A customer left a message with the stores head office requesting the decoration be removed because it could be interpreted as racist. Some people agreed with this customers action, while others deemed it to be too ‘politically correct’ or an over reaction.

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I found this article on about how poverty can affect your brain. Where you’re from can affect your brain.

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It’s simple, isn’t it? We can see the things that make humans different from each other. Hair texture and color, body proportions, and skin tone. These differences are so obvious and easy,  how can they be wrong? Well, they can be wrong because ‘races’ are not as black and white as people may think. By just using traits that are convenient to our eye, we create categories that are very subjective and not at all concrete. Since the traits we like to use are not consistent, the lines between ‘races’ become very blurred.

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