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             In the article “As seas rise, saltwater plants offer hope farms will survive”, the author Katy Daigle describes how the flooding of the coastlines in India has affected the agriculture. With climate change happening, more glaciers are melting and the sea levels are rising. This results in the flooding of many coastal farms in the south of Asia. For the 1.26 billion people living in India, relocation is not always an option, especially when food productivity needs to increase by 45% before 2050 if the population wants to be fed.

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Bee Movie had it right, not in a sense where bees can talk (that would be awesome), but the emphasis on the importance of the bees when it comes to agriculture. This is the message of alert portrayed in the article “Organic agriculture is helping save bees from extinction”. Ok, talking realistically, there is a major difference when it comes to the bee movie and reality: the movie presents the idea of having agriculture and flowers dying out; while reality includes bees’ extinction before that happening.  

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