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Soraya Chemlay’s “Mass Killings in the US: Maculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity” aims to make sense of why women are more often than not the victims in mass killings and why white men are usually the attackers. She summarizes infamous mass killings such as the 1989 shooting of fourteen women in an engineering class in a Montreal university and the recent shooting that took place in a movie theatre screening of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck.  She then continues to explain how all these shootings were examples of white men feeling threatened.

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Hello everyone, I came across this video posted by Elite Daily, in light of International Women's Day. This kind of video may be familliar to many of you, it ressembles Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, you will notice nearly all of these comments made on these women's posts are gendered and ultimately have nothing to say about the content of the woman's post itself. 

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        In a consumer’s society, it is inevitable to run into clothing ads on a daily basis. From the pages of magazines to subway and bus station shelters, these inescapable ads are found all around us. The merchant’s goal is to sell, however some questioning ads such as this Calvin Klein ad leave us wondering what is actually being sold. This particular ad depicts a nearly nude Lara Stone lying on a park or schoolyard bench surrounded by three young men.

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After playing video games, a boy killed a 90 year old relative by shooting a bullet in her head. The authorities said the child was playing a particularly violent video game named Grand Theft Auto IV. That video game is about some people wandering in a city, committing crimes and killing people and is rated M from the ESRB standing for “mature audiences” which means about 17 years and up. The boy found a gun in the house after playing that game and shot down the lady while she was watching television.

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