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                                         In the article “Understanding the roots of homophobia around the world” written by Amy Adamczyk she explains how different factors such as money, freedom of speech and religious play a big role in homophobia in different countries. According to Adamczyk, every characteristic in each part of the world influences how people feel about homosexuality. She analyzed 80 nations in the attitudes, values and beliefs in order to explain the roots of homophobia.

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Both the social and legal view of domestic violence has recently undergone an incredibly necessary reform in the modern era. However, there is still a great need for improvement in this field. While law and policies have transformed into a system of harsher punishment for offenders, domestic violence remains one of the least reported crimes in Canada, with an estimated 70% of cases never being reported to the police (Statistics Canada, 2016). Within this sample size, there is clear indication that this is a gendered crime and, especially at its most volatile state, sees clear gender roles in the victims and offenders. Women are almost four times more likely to be victims of Domestic violence and make up 83% of the victims in spousal violence cases in Ontario (Statistics Canada, 2016). For this population of female victims, Ontario is not providing the protection necessary to live a safe, normal life after spousal abuse.

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