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Law, in laments terms, is a written text entrenched in a different text telling us how to behave. This text must be followed and obeyed. This behavior is then judged then, it is decided on whether or not it is acceptable, and punishment or reward is handed out respectively. This seems very drafted; finely tuned and edited over and over, right? Well, law doesn't expressly say anything about needing to follow it to the fullest. In fact it has conditions on what to do when we can't follow it. This makes it act as more of a construct, not an actual definitive system.

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     The streets flood with people. Some with signs, others without. Overall, their goal is change. To protest. People obey the law to what they think is reasonable, but  when their relation to the law becomes unreasonable, people get angry and lash out at law in different ways. Whether it be through non-violent protests, simple neglect of law, or full-blown riots, people display their disdain for laws and their actions.

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     Life isn't exactly a court room. We believe that, like fiction, our life will have an encounter with law in a serious sense at regular intervals. However though the character's actions and emotions are analogous to reality, the situations they are in are quite different to the true nature of a person's relation to law in everyday life. As non-fictional [Citation needed] humans, we don't usually have regular encounters with those involved with law, save for those on probation or with a social worker. Even so our life is influenced by in a rather large sense everyday. We don't steal.

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