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Euthanasia is now a topic of practically every day conversation.  Belgium has allowed euthanasia since May of 2002, and Canada has been having the conversation about the right to die for months now.  I will be examining a Globe and Mail article discussing about Quebec becoming the first Canadian province to adopt a right to die legislation, a Dan Gardner

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Recently, a severe case of bullying has surfaced. An unnamed student in New York State has allegedly forced a special-need student to drink their own urine. The bully filmed the incident and posted the video on the Internet. In addition to this harassment, the student is also a repeated offender as he was involved in infamously bringing a bus driver to tears a few years ago. Nonetheless, Greece Athena High School, the school where the incident occurred, has taken measures to make sure nothing similar happens again.

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               The article “The Big Plan That Could Bring an Electric Car to Your Garage” written by Kristine Wong speaks of the installation of electric car charging stations across California. Pacific Gas and Electric plans to put this plan into motion by 2018 and have it completed by 2025. PG&E’s request is designed to help California reach its goal of adding 1.5 million zero-emission cars on the road by 2025.

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Lately in the news, there has been much debate about the recent anti-terror bill passed by the Canadian federal government to expand the powers and jurisdiction of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).  In the recent C-51 anti-terror bill, CSIS will have the control of monitoring all Canadians very closely and also be able to access our secret information.  This is practically all in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on Ottawa this fall that passed, and other similar terrorist attacks seen all around the globe.  Many Canadians, including a former spy for CSIS, Francois L

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In Stephen Maher’s Anti-terror law raises question: Who will spy on our spies? we witness a present ethical dilemma going on in Canada that all citizens are forced to address and agree on.  Maher discusses about the recent speech made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper which focused on the expansion of power given to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) due to the recent terrorist attacks in Canada and abroad (Maher).  Harper believes that it is essential to give CSIS many powers that allow them to intervene in every citizen’s daily lives to further solve and find potent

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This article was published on January 31st, 2015 by the Calgary Herald in the city of Calgary in Alberta. Essentially, this article tries to give to pros and cons of a possible bail that would give limited liberty to an individual called Omar Khadr. The later who is now 28 years old was accused 13 years ago by the USA of a war crime committed in Afghanistan. The accusations were based on evidences that he had thrown a grenade that killed one US soldier and a medical personal. Khadr was kept for 10 years in the prison of Guantanamo (Cuba) without being officially found guilty.

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