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Many people do not know what it really means to have a sense of belonging, especially in the transition from high school to college. How about if the question was about how students with invisible disabilities develop a sense of belonging? The social science research article that I will be talking about covers just that. For many students, establishing a sense of belonging contributes to help advance students’ self-advocacy, mastery of the student role, and social relationships.

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"The disturbing reasons why we don't believe young black women are really doctors" (October 14,2016) is an article written by Carolyn Y. Johnson and found in The Washington Post. It explores the story of a young woman named Takima Cross.  As described in the article Cross is a fourth year student at the McGovern medical school at the University of Texas. On her flight back home from Detroit, a man became very ill and his wife was asking for medical assistance. Cross than offered her help but was denied the chance to help the man by a flight attendant.

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On the 8th of November, the American people must cast their vote for the next president—either an unpolished, seemingly prejudice business man or a corrupt woman who has been enveloped in scandal since the womb. Even if you do not know much about current politics, it is easy to understand why the election in November of 2016 will go down in history as one of the most controversial and pivotal elections in American history.

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